#InnovateToINSPIRE 2018

INSPIRE 2018 set the tone for innovation in India’s energy scenario. The first edition of #InnovateToINSPIRE, a first-of-its kind energy innovation challenge, was organised to invite ideas for scalable solutions in the realm of energy efficiency. The challenge invited participants to submit sustainable and scalable solutions to seven specific challenges spanning across Grid Management, E-Mobility, Energy Efficient Technologies and financial instruments.

4 Categories | 7 Challenges


Develop an EV at a cost of INR 10 lakhs or less, and that can travel 200 Km or more in a single charge. read more....


Develop a forecasting tool to improve the accuracy of weather & wind forecasts

Develop an economically viable battery system with improved energy storage, power performance and charging capabilities and revenue stream


Develop household devices that can help minimise or remove stand-by losses

Develop a business model that can reduce the final rental/kg of goods by over 40% and/or the cost of transportation by 25% with a lower payback period


Develop instruments of securitization to create liquidity to support energy related innovation

Develop instruments to be issued by entities for low cost and long tenure loans

94 Submissions from across the world within 6 weeks

It received good response from participants across the world, with 94 submissions. Renowned personalities from diverse fields including academia, policy making, finance, media and research identified four path breaking innovations from these submissions who were recognised by Hon’ble Minister of Power, New and Renewable Energy, Shri R.K. Singh during the inaugural session. The Winners were awarded cheques of INR 5 lakhs, a trophy and an opportunity to take their innovation to market.

Winners and Progress

NextDrive Electric

Nextdrive retrofits petrol/diesel cars to electric car that runs 200 kms per charge under 10 lakhs.

Cydee Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Streetlight that saves 60% money and energy consumption with the help of a unique patented concept of light fixtures.

MinionLabs India Pvt. Ltd.

Minion - The world's smallest energy auditor senses each and every appliance, devices & tools turning ON and OFF inside the building at a single point of connect and gives you a comprehensive report with predictive analytics & maintenance without burning a hole in the pocket.

Mobile Li-Ion Battery System (MOLIB) Technologies

MOLIB is a mobile charging station that provided DC Fast charging, AC Fast charging and normal AC charging for EVs at key locations, such as makeshift parking zones for exhibitions, fairs, events, etc.

Mentoring and enabling scale up

EESL is in advanced stages of discussion with 2 of the innovators and is providing them support to scale-up

Pilot Project with Minion Labs: Smallest Energy Auditor
  • EESL identified the 18 storey IFCI tower in Delhi for carrying out the pilot
  • All stakeholders have agreed for the pilot project and timelines
  • Pilot proposed for a period of 2-3 months; post successful completion EESL plans to include it in Building Energy Efficiency Programme (BEEP)
Pilot Project with Cydee: Smart Street Lights
  • EESL has identified 200 metre stretch in the SDMC area in Okhla, Delhi for carrying out the pilot
  • EESL is sponsoring the testing of Cydee’s street lights
  • If the pilots demonstrate expected savings, EESL plans to include the same in its Street Lighting National Programme (SLNP).