About the challenge

Innovation is the single-most important enabler for resolving environmental problems while reducing costs to induce consumer support. When brought to markets, the result of innovation, can spark unprecedented transformation and can inspire an entire generation. Innovation explores cross-cutting solutions, scale of replication, affordability and inclusive social impact. With the diversity and complexity of India’s end-use of applications and services, it is not one technology, or one business model alone that can come to rescue. Instead, an environment of sustained multi-layered policy and technology innovation can spark a far-reaching transformation.

The intervention potential for targeted innovations – technologies, processes, and business models − that can sustain clean energy supply and responsible consumption while balancing development ambitions is not only significant, but also critical as developing nations, like India, bear the burden of climate change.

To spark this movement, EESL, in association with the World Resources Institute (WRI) launched #InnovateToINSPIRE, a first-of-its kind energy innovation challenge in 2018. The challenge invited entrepreneurs, innovators and the start-up community to provide viable solutions that will help India achieve its ambitions for energy security and sustainability.

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