#InnovateToINSPIRE Challenge FAQs

1) Why #InnovateToINSPIRE challenge?

  • India has significant ambitions for energy security and sustainability. By 2030, India aims to reduce its emissions target to 33-35% - amongst the highest across developing countries - and increase the share of non-fossil fuel-based electricity to 40%.
  • Energy consumption in India is expected to increase by 165% by 2040, but adoption of energy efficient alternatives is limited to specific appliances and institutions with minimal support for risk-sharing by financial institutions.
  • The intervention potential for targeted innovations – technologies, processes and business models that can sustain clean energy supply and responsible consumption while balancing development ambitions - is not only significant, but a critical need as developing nations like India bear the brunt of the burden of climate change action.
  • To spark this movement, Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) and World Resources Institute (WRI) are proud to conduct the #InnovateToINSPIRE Challenge 2018 to invite Thinkers, Innovators, Inventors, Pioneers, Trailblazers, Trendsetters, Entrepreneurs to come forward with ideas and solutions that will help leverage the full potential of energy efficiency and bring its multiple co-benefits to the fore.
  • Towards this goal, we encourage all to participate in the challenge, combining insights gained from first-hand experience in the energy efficiency space with their creativity.
  • For further details, please visit http://innovatetoinspire.in/index.

2) What are the themes?

  • You can read about each challenge on the #InnovateToINSPIRE website. The 4 challenges area are:
    • EVlution (E- mobility)
    • Improved Grid Management System
    • Energy Efficient Technologies
    • Financial Instruments

3) Who can enter?

  • The competition is open to all including students, aged 18 or over, enrolled full and part-time, undergraduate, graduate or post-graduates, working, non- working, experts from industry.

4) Why should I enter?

  • We have seen initiatives like UJALA enabling unprecedented transformation, where innovation in technology, LED bulbs, combined with an innovative business model enabled an easier market access. Such innovation led to not just the growth of the industry exponentially, but also change in consumer behaviour leading to mainstreaming of energy efficiency in India.
  • The #InnovateToINSPIRE Challenge offers similar opportunity to you to make that transformation again. If you have the solution, we will work towards giving you that market access. Sector experts, along with EESL, will provide guidance and mentorship to bring your solution to the market.
  • In addition to this, if you win, you will be eligible to receive a funding of INR 5 lakh. Further, if you are among the 12 shortlisted final entries, you will get an opportunity to showcase your idea at the exhibition during the three days of INSPIRE, starting 11th Nov till 13th Nov.
  • Finally, you will get an opportunity to present to the world’s leading experts in the realms of energy management and sustainability. Also, you will get to network with industry experts and showcase your ideas and solutions.
  • This expands your opportunity as this platform brings together industry stalwarts and sector experts, across the globe and you never know who might be interested in your solution.

5) What are the deadlines?

  • The challenge opened at 5 PM on 21st August 2018 and the last date of submission of entries is 12th Oct 2018 by 5 PM.
  • A webinar is being organised on 5th October 4:30 pm to address the queries of the participants.

6) What is the procedure followed for selection?

  • #InnovateToINSPIRE Challenge in just 5 simple steps:
Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5

Sign Up for #InnovateToINSPIRE Challenge 2018 ) and apply for your entry.

Interim Selection: Participants will upload the Interim-Selection Deliverables(PDF document with 800 words)

Jury Selection: Projects selected will go for the Final Selection stage and selected entries will upload their final deliverable (A 2 minute video upto 720 MB)

Bootcamp: The final top 12 entries, 3 from each category, will pitch in front of the jury.

Declaration of winners

7) When will I know if I’ve been successful?

  • If you’re one of the final 12 shortlisted entries for the bootcamp round, we’ll call you or send you an email to let you know. At this point, you’ll also need to send details of yours if you are working with any organization and its details; if you are a student (or a group of students), then details of the institution, if you are submitting as a team then details of each participant with their background, will be needed.
  • Unfortunately, if you don’t get back to us, we won’t be able to include you in the shortlist.

8) Will the organisers pay for our travel?

  • We will arrange for the stay of two members of the team along with their round trip airfare (economy class, most direct and cost effective route).

9) Who are the judges?

  • The judges are all eminent experts in the field of energy and especially have wealth of experience in the areas identified for the challenge where they have mentored various energy programmes and developed market driven solutions.

10) Can I apply for more than one challenge?

  • Yes, registered participants can also apply for more than one or all the four challenges.

11) What are the eligibility criteria for participating in the innovation challenge?

12) Is the challenge open to individuals as well?

  • Yes.

13) How do I enter?

  • Register on www.innovatetoinspire.in by accepting challenge Rules. Login credentials will be sent to your registered email address(s). You can then login using this ID and Password combination to submit your idea(s).

14) I have registered on #InnovateToINSPIRE challenge website but have not received Log-in credentials. How to get the credentials?

  • If you have not received the login credentials, please check your spam folder or try registering again. Else, please email us with your coordinates at innovatetoinspire@eesl.co.in and we will get in touch with you soon to resolve any issue.

15) What materials we need to submit? What is the format of proposal submissions and what are the topics to be covered?

  • Upload a PDF English with a word Limit of 800 words.
  • If we are unable to read the document, we will notify the participant to re-submit before the Deliverable deposit end date, i.e. 12th October 5 PM.
  • For further details, kindly refer to ‘Characteristics of Deliverables’ - http://innovatetoinspire.in/Rules

16). Are there any other benefits associated with the challenge (modalities, data support, funding support) other than prize money?

  • As mentioned in Q5, besides prize money, the winners will also be eligible for EESL to evaluate further, to provide mentorship and guidance to bring the solution to market.

17). Will there be winners in each of the subcategories of the challenge?

  • A total of 4 winners will be selected, one from each category.

18). Can we just submit write-up on the ideas/solutions?

  • A brief write- up about the project explaining how it can answer the problem and how the solution can be implemented to be uploaded. (PDF Document upto 25 MB written in English).
  • Index for the PDF documents to be submitted.
    • Topic
    • Relevance of proposal to Indian and Global context for promoting clean energy and energy efficiency
    • Maturity of proposed solution with regard to commercialization
    • Business Plan
    • Differentiation and Innovation
    • Technology used
    • Vision and Scalability
    • Team Qualification and Experience

19). If I have an innovative idea in the domain of energy efficiency that does not fall under either of the categories, am I eligible to participate in the innovation challenge.

  • Under #InnovateToINSPIRE challenge, organisers have invited innovative ideas under defined categories only. However, you can share any other idea(s) by writing us at innovatetoinspire@eesl.co.in with the subject as ‘New Innovative Idea on Clean Energy’. We will evaluate the same and reply to you. But we reiterate that this will be not part of this current challenge.

20). How is EESL going to use the videos and presentations in future post the challenge?

  • All the material, information, document or data submitted by the participant to the organizer will be strictly confidential. If the organisers use the same for any future reference / requirement, prior approval from the respective teams will be taken.

21). How many ideas/solutions will be selected for the final round?

  • A total of 12 ideas/solutions will be selected for the final round. The 12 shortlisted entries will pitch their ideas to the eminent Jury panel on 11th November 2018 in Hyderabad.
  • EESL and WRI will also organise a boot camp on 10th -11th of November in Hyderabad to prepare the final 12 teams / individuals, before they pitch to the jury.

22). Can we submit an idea which is yet to be tested? What future support will EESL provide in such cases?

  • Yes. If idea is shortlisted EESL may consider it.

23). Will there be an extension of last date?

  • No

24). What is the maximum team size that is allowed?

  • No bar on the number of participating team members. However, EESL will be providing boarding and travel for 2 members only if shortlisted for the final round.

25). More questions?

  • See rules for more information about this competition. You can also contact us at innovatetoinspire@eesl.co.in (please include #Innovatetoinspire Challenge in the subject line).